[Milestone] CyanogenMod 6.0.1 RC wersja alpha

Modyfikacje i romy dla telefonów motorola.
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[Milestone] CyanogenMod 6.0.1 RC wersja alpha

Post autor: Neo » 20 paź 2010, 19:28

ROM na Motorolę Milestone

[alpha 0.02-10.10.11]

wersja : 2.2.1 Froyo

Rom na Milestone na Bazie CyanogenMod-a.
Rom jest dość czybki, tym bardziej na kernelu 2.2.1 - który w benchaku wychodzi bardzo dobrze. Rom jest okrojony z części programów Milestone.
Jak widać, jest to alpha, więc jest ciągle dopracowywany.

info od autora:
06.10.2010 0.02-10.10.06
- media playback - for the local media playback, opencore instead of stagefright player will be used. Please note that it will lower your Quadrant score. Quadrant seems to be unable to test the h264 at all when stagefright is used - it considers the h264 test done immediately, while when opencore is used, the test is actually carried. Therefore, the simple change of the property media.stagefright.enable-player=true will double your score. But it has no connection to the real world. Actually, the h264 playback by the stagefright player has slightly higher CPU demand than opencore h264 playback (and both are using the same TI OMX libraries that do the actual h264 decoding on the hw DSP). If you don't care about the real performance but only about the benchmark results, you can change the media.stagefright.enable-player property back to true in /system/build.prop.
This change fixes the short audio sample playback, aac incompatibilities and possibly other media issues too.
addition: quote from mail from the Quadrant developer - I have not determined why Stagefright produces much higher values yet. Perhaps this is caused by hardware acceleration or some compatibility issues. Either way, it will take some time to investigate this problem and design a proper solution.
- Camera - the recent CyanogenMod changes have been reverted and the zoom support corrected. The continuous autofocus mode introduced recently by Cyanogen seems to not suit well our current camera implementation.
- kernel tuning script added to init.d. The scheduling/memory tweaks are enabled, the network tweaks commented out by default. You can change it to your liking by editing of the /etc/init.d/11kernel_tuning script.
- another AGPS change - back to the Motorola way. After this update.zip installation, please delete manually the file /data/location/location.cfg and edit your APN setting to delete the supl from the APN type (I will change the default APN settings directly in the build later). Then reboot.
- Toggle 2G/3G app is included for saving the battery, set it to switch to 2G automatically whenever the 3G is not actually needed.


1. Wipe system/ partition

2. plik update wrzuć do Open Recovery/updates

3. Odpal Recovery i przejdź w "update.zip"

4. Wgraj najpierw rom, potem google apss

http://www.4shared.com/file/Pzf8-CPj/up ... RC0-M.html
Google apss:
http://www.4shared.com/file/rbPOxL0p/ga ... igned.html
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